Magma Minerals

Latest news of november 30, 2023

 Dear Mineral Friends, 
Maybe we surprise you all (or not) but we have decided to stop the professional sale of minerals. We notice that the mineral world is changing, that the energy on our side is decreasing somewhat, prices continue rising and than it is better to stop at the right time. Time to enjoy other nice things in live. 
We couldn’t tell this earlier (next week Munich, normally we would have a booth there) because everything was still fresh, but our decision was made pretty quickly afterwards. 
We have an agreement with Weinrich Minerals Inc ( from USA who will take over all minerals. So take a look at his website in the near future.
That’s why we decided not to go to Munich, because otherwise we would be approached by too many people, what we of course understand. Next year we will go as visitors to St.Marie Aux Mines and Munich. 
We would like to thank everyone for the trust, the wonderful years and meetings at the mineral shows, in our showroom, our website and social media. THANK YOU SO MUCH. 
We will definitely keep in touch, hopefully we will see each other at one of the minerals shows. 
See you soon, enjoy this beautiful hobby and stay healthy, 
Yolanda and Hans
We also invite you to take a look at the new website with Yolanda’s jewellery 

click on this link: 

Yolanda’s website remains of course in the future

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