Magma Minerals

Latest news of maart 31, 2023



Wonderful red gemmy sparkling calcite 
On March 30th we did a new update 
In April no updates because we are on tour for new minerals

Saturday June 3 Open Day: this day all new pieces to see in 
our showroom from our purchasing trip
We also invite you to take a look at the new website with Yolanda’s jewellery 

click on this link: 

Yolanda and Hans

To see on our update February 2th(sold)

     New find  November 2022 to see in our showroom

Fluorite Spain, to see on our update March 9(sold)

New find |November 2022,(sold)

The still hidden treasures you can see in our showroom.

You are very welcome in our showroom where you can see all our new minerals from our purchase trip, 200 m2 minerals. Of course you also welcome on other days.